Тексты песен Hired Life

Hire Me

hire me
for last night in sweaty bed
hire me
when our heroes are already dead
hire me
blood is diluted in champagne
hire me
my girl i know how to ignore pain...
hire me
i feel your passion in the dark
hire me
believe in my infernal luck
hire me
let's dance last tango in the rain
hire me
i want your body, i want you again...
hire me
for last night in cheap hotel
hire me
at autumn dusk we'll say farewell
hire me
i can't forget your lusty eyes
hire me
call me again, i still believe in lies...

The Factory (for Iron Dragon's Daughter)

today we have
escape from here
open your eyes
i stole the key
please, hurry up
'cause night shift waits
for our love
with hell machines
for our sweat
for our blood
but you're slave
of metal heart
on metal wings
you'll fly away
and leave me here
one of these days...
gold runes are gleaming
in your bed
they're leading you
to iron friend
just cable charts
in your mad eyes
and cockpit is
your paradise
my girl, I know
we'll meet again
you recognized
my secret name
in stratosphere
we said good-bye
but I'm still falling
from the sky...

My Catwalk

nightcity catwalk
all fears are dead
cancel your promise
and i won’t be sad
accept my fall
ignore my raise
we are hotel ghosts
and stars in our eyes   
are blind...
combining the numbers
walking around the edge
looking for exit
from alcoholic cage
permanent waiting
inactive state of mind
relieving the distress
i fight till i die
setting the limit
calling back home
checking the digits
on the gravestone
undying flowers
plastic emergency
silent farewell
for you and me
i wait...


last medicine will
obtund my cry
i'm pilot in
dead metal sky
i'll disappear
in falling tide
my corpse won't be
reverb in ears
of grating wreck
my farewell is
echoing back
hear my call-sign
in random noise
i am the one
of your left toys...
be my dissonance today
in the end of sullen game
turn inside out stupid fear
i will smile when you're near
just refuel petrol tank
and we'll leave this damned wreck
i am your pilot for tonight -
fallen hero for one night
we hug the ground...
last endorphin
for flesh and soul
last high-speed mile
last crimson fall
with fall of leaves
i'll disappear
with dust and ash
in atmosphere
last sticky web
of last mistakes
and mental scrap
is burnt in flames
last drops of blood
for final words
i've cursed my god
on bathroom walls...
be my dissonance today
in the end of sullen game
turn inside out stupid fear
i will smile when you're near
just refuel petrol tank
and we'll leave this damned wreck
i am your pilot for tonight -
fallen hero for one night
we hug the ground...


i miss my hell
where child dreams come true
where shadows dance
in midnight avenue
where empty bar
is waiting for sad guest
where you and i
are strangers in this mess
where crimson dusk
will cover inner pain
where button skips
another restless day
where birds are dead
but flying to the south
where cruel words
are locked in sutured mouth...
i miss my hell
without happy-end
where every day
is step to neverland
where hostile winds
with taste of flat champagne
blow in my head,
try to erase her name
i miss my hell
without rising sun
i miss my past
'cause everything is gone
fake paradise
has opened plastic gates
i stand alone
without love and hate...


another mission, another sunrise
another color of tired eyes
another name in your id card
another contract and you have to start
to start again to breathe and to live
no absolution you have to retrieve
let the stars cry instead of your pain
reload your weapon and join the game...
another points of no return
another senses you have to learn
there is no hope, there's no regret
and she is the one you have to forget
you changed the number of your phone
another ringtone calls you home
another star in neon rain
another access you have to gain...
another drift in time and space
another sentimental chase
another flashback in cafe
where you were happy yesterday
another mission, another call-sign
another bullet in required time
you stand alone and wide awake
another contract you have to break...

For Ever And A Day

i walk beyond the borders that deny
to see you for the last time when you're mine
i crawl below  the edge of bleeding dawn
but your phone numbers are already numb
stained glass of your cold and snow-blind eyes
is rimed with shatters of eternal ice
good-bye... the dial tone will fade away
my girl, you've left my hired life again...
for ever and a day...
i've broken all the borders that denied
to see you for the last time by my side
so let me fall into your arms again
for ever and for endless autumn day
i run across the realms of sleepless night
i have to know the sense that dies insight
and where i go i won't need eyes to see
convulsive neon signs are guiding me...
to you, my enemy...

Nightcity Fairy-Tales

nightcity fairy-tales
about you and me
about ghosts and realms
of fading memory
guardian angels fall
from hostile autumn skies
their airplanes are crashed
in the name of your lies...
nightcity tribal songs
about futile win
about gears of fate
in maelstrom of routine
in the name of regrets
i'll cut the veins of time
and sun will choke in blood
drifting from west skyline...
nightcity fairy-tales
about endless rain
about player one
that joined his single game
i will awake in morgue
i will taste deja vu
train of flashback will lead
me to night rendezvous...
convulsing neon signs
strangers and fallen star
guardian angel waits
for me in empty bar
crawler in tv-screen -
commands of hungry night
waiting for your return
i will switch off the light...


it's time to say farewell
beyond amnesic tides
it's time to ground arms
it's time to dot the "i"
evoke the last response
and write my name in sand
you can't rewind this tape
forgive me and forget...
tonight i'll burn the maps
with landscapes of our past
and you won't hear this song
in radio broadcast
it's time to say farewell
beneath these shining stars
it's time to part from all
that i had in my arms...
i've left my love behind
i will forget your smile
it's time to say farewell
you know — it's for a while
it's time for last embrace
it's time to leave the game
it's time to part from all
that i will never gain...
it's time to say farewell...

End Of Line

hired life — second kills
our hopes and our dreams
hired life — i'm wasting time
trapped in mirror of my mind
it's end of light, it's end of day
when i make a get-away
‘cause i don't need wings to fly
in the end of final line...
it's end of line...
in this dark and hostile world
life is just four letter word
hired guns for vicious fight
hired girl for friday night
when you die all will be lost
you'll become a nameless ghost
just enjoy last high-speed mile
life is hired for awhile...
it's end of line...


star, your light will melt
eternal ice, i won't pretend
and hide my smile
you know it's futile
i cannot resist
your midnight kiss
lost in your embrace
as in blind maze
of last august days...
star, when time is gone
i won't be alone
as you...
other stars shine -
they are mine
for awhile
but tonight
i will fight
for you and your light...
above the sky
just for awhile
you are still mine...

Моя любовь

любовь — билет в один конец
когда не вспомнить мне твой номер
когда в полночной пустоте
засну один в объятьях боли
любовь — разбитое стекло
обрыв строки моей молитвы
мое горящее крыло
и острый край желанной бритвы
моя любовь — опасный груз
когда война течет по венам
как в рукаве козырный туз
что разобьет темницы стены
моя любовь — сладчайший яд
что мне поможет вновь забыться
и доползти до райских врат
с надеждой снова возродиться...

моя любовь — души тюрьма
где сердце сковано тоскою
когда свобода вновь страшна
для плоти выеденной молью
любовь — мой позывной сигнал
сжигающий в кошмарах нервы
мою любовь кто-то украл
я не последний и не первый
моя любовь — шесть алых букв
но кровь уж спеклась и остыла
моя любовь лишь тщетный стук
в окно, что ты заколотила
моя любовь — конец пути
там где не встретимся мы снова
моя любовь, но где же ты?
моя любовь теперь лишь слово...

Автор всех песен — Сергей Воробьёв (Case, Hired Life).