TaskWarrior indicator

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TaskWarrior Indicator is an application that helps working with TaskWarrior, a command-line organizer.  Brief feature list:

  • Shows running time for active tasks.  If many tasks are active, summary running time is shown.
  • Pull-down menu shows 10 most important tasks.  This includes running tasks, the ones with the "pin" tag, then the rest, sorted by priority.
  • There are options in the menu to add new tasks, stop all running tasks and pull new tasks from bugwarrior.
  • Task editor can be used to change task description, priority, project, tags and notes in tasknote format.
  • Search dialog can be used to search across task descriptions and other meta-data, including completed tasks, which lets you easily restart them.
  • Task database is read by a custom database parser, but all changes are made using only the task utility, to avoid data corruption.

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idle tray iconIdle indicator icon.
active tray iconIndicator icon when there's an active task.
menuTask list in the menu.
infoTask editor.
searchThe search dialog. Checking 'show all' displays completed tasks.